Re-Active H2Dry - K-Wool H2Dry

Pure Wool Powered by Research


Nature is emotion.
Technology is efficiency.
Their union gives rise to
the H2Dry yarns.




H2Dry, top performance every day
The fruit of years of research at the Zegna Baruffa laboratories, H2Dry is a technical treatment that gives pure wool yarns characteristics no one would have thought possible. Breathable, elastic, uncrushable: properties perfect for situations in which high performance is indispensable.
But also ideal for normal day-to-day garments.

Nature and research, together
Nature gives us the finest wools. Human ingenuity transforms them into something unique, capable of raising the performance of pure wool fiber to new levels.
H2Dry yarns represent an ideal synthesis of craft know-how and technological research, both yarns having superior technical characteristics and aesthetic qualities of absolute excellence.

Total Easy Care
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Total Easy Care

Thanks to the special H2Dry
treatment, the characteristics of Re-Active and K-Wool
remain unchanged over time without any need for special care or precautions.

Even with intensive use or frequent washing, the fibers maintain their natural elasticity and garments show their aesthetic qualities to full effect.

High breathability
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High breathability

The special H2Dry treatment lets the skin breathe and wicks away body moisture.
So wearing a knitted polo or shirt against the skin is even more comfortable, because the surface of the body is kept dry.
And garments dry surprisingly quickly too.

Naturally elastic
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Naturally elastic

The innate elasticity of the fibers is enhanced by the special H2Dry finish, which makes the two yarns even more versatile and lighter. Whether the patterns are classic or more elaborate, knitwear delivers outstanding comfort and wearability superior to that of ordinary pure wool garments.
Properties perfect for more dynamic and active situations but also for day-to-day occasions.

Uncrushable beauty
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Uncrushable beauty

Re-Active H2Dry and K-Wool H2Dry produce crease-resistant garments.
A sweater kept in a suitcase on a long journey instantly regains its look of fresh perfection, without the slightest trace of creasing or crumpling.
A practical advantage for day-to-day use: garments are always ready to be worn.

Re-Active H2Dry and K-Wool H2Dry: High breathability, proven.

Testing conducted at the Politecnico di Torino laboratories, using the international Moisture Management Test Method (AATCC 195-2009), demonstrated the exceptional capacity of the Re-Active and Ke-Wool to transfer body moisture to the outside of a garment.

Moisture Management Test (MMT)
The breathability of the two yarns was laboratory tested at the Politecnico di Torino (Turin) using the international AATCC 195-2009 method.
The MMT assesses a fabric’s capacity to transfer a saline solution in three directions:

• radially on the inside surface
• from the inside surface to the outside one
• radially on the outside surface

In assessing these three aspects, the test provides a series of useful indices for a detailed specification of the fabric’s performance characteristics:

Absorption Rate
average speed of absorption of liquid by the internal and external surfaces.
Wetting time
the time taken by each of the two surfaces to start getting wet.
Spreading speed
the speed of radial transport from the point at which the solution falls to the maximum radius of wet fabric.
Accumulative one-way transport capability
ansport of liquid from the inside to the outside, on the basis of the difference between the wet area of the two surfaces, per unit time.
Overall liquid moisture management capability
index of a fabric’s overall capacity to transport liquid, measured in terms of the previous indices.

Fabric moisture management capacity test report

The green line represents the quantity of water in the internal part of the knit, while the blue line is the quantity on the external part.
In both cases the liquid is transported from the inside to the outside.

The blue areas indicates the wet surfaces both inside and outside. Here too, the liquid moves rapidly from the inside (left circle) to the outside (right circle).

Pure wool has its advantages.
Re-Active H2Dry and K-Wool H2Dry have them all.
And much more.



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